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Bar Soap - 110g Olive Oil


Traditional Castile Soap

Soap is no longer an OVAL - now a 120g block

Value for money - Each bar weighs 110g and has been air drying for 6 months (minimum)....

Olive Oil soaps are always softer due to Olive Oil being a liquid, however with extended drying time between use, you will find they still last a long time... Im sure you will love these soaps and find they do more than just clean your skin - they will help to Nourish...

At this stage I am only making Unfragranced Olive Oil soap, in the future I may extend the range to include some essential oil fragrances.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil & Farm Fresh Goat's Milk. 

Your parcel will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to keep your items safe during delivery. 

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