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BLOCK SOAP - 1200g = 10 pieces @ $3.20 EACH


NEW in December 2017 is our large blocks. Due to heavy demand for my handmade soaps I have had to change my molds to suit this higher demand. 

Each Block is cut into 10 pieces and you receive the whole block cut and ready to use. You can choose as many blocks as you want, choose from the drop down section or use the additional instructions to select a variety of blocks.  If you prefer larger pieces eg: 5, please email me to order your soap in advance as soap is cut within 2 days of production.


Value for money - Each block weighs approx 1200g and has been air drying for 6 months (minimum).... I don't sell soap that washes away quickly, they won't go soggy or fall apart.. Im sure you will love these soaps and find they do more than just clean your skin - they will help to Nourish...


Our range includes two varieties of fragrance free soaps. These are Natural & Aloe Vera. All others soaps are fragranced +/- coloured. You may choose various fragrance free or fragranced soaps, please make a note in the section below..


Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil & Tallow. Farm Fresh Goat's Milk. Fragrance and/or colour is added to all soaps except Natural & Aloe Vera.


Your parcel will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to keep your items safe during delivery.

If you would like a particular fragrance, please type here:

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